The Study Hall Test Preparation Program

NOTE: We are revising the program to respond to current conditions and will have chcnges posted soon. That revision will be a form of our present program  Currentlly our students are practing tests remotely.

You have many choices to make between now and enrolling in college.  One of them may be preparing for the PSAT, SAT, ACT, or all of the tests. We would like to introduce you to The Study Hall Test Preparation Program.  Since we work with students until they finish taking the tests their senior year, our test preparation program offers students the flexibility of scheduling and the long term instruction it takes to maximize their scores.  We work with them until they finish their senior year, adapting and modifying the program individually – as if they are in a class of their own.

Parents and students often ask for the advantages of using The Study Hall program.  Those are:

VALUE – $600 covers unlimited instruction for SAT and ACT until graduation
INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION – One student one teacher
SCHEDULING – open 7 days a week, so students work according to their schedule.
IMPACT over HOURS – we work on what the individual student needs, not a class
INTERACTIVE PROGRAMS – Propriety programs are available on all devices 24/7.

Initially we have two individual one-hour sessions during which the students get a text, and we take apart the tests and show the students the strategies and verbal, math, and writing skills required to beat the test.

This is like showing someone how to ride a bike.  Once we have shown how it should be done, it takes practice taking the tests to master the skill.  That is what our students do – practice the tests.

We are open 7 days a week and appointments are not necessary – so students come in when they want and take sections of the tests.

We correct, score, show how to answer questions correctly, and evaluate the test immediately.

If specific elements of the test need attention, we have the tools and programs to provide remedies:

Reading– interactive passages with techniques for eliminating answer choices and drawing inferences
Math – interactive and textual prototypical math practice problems and math cues
English Usage – grammar and rhetorical review
Vocabulary – mnemonic and association vocabulary text and videos


Textual Materials
Vocabulary Text
Parents FAQ Book
Previously Administered SAT, SAT II, ACT, PSAT tests
Detailed Explanations for those tests
Supplemental prototypical questions and exercises
Essay instruction

Interactive Programs and Videos for all devices
SAT and ACT Presentations showing how to take the test
Vocabulary videos of each of the words in the text
Innovative spaced retrieval program for learning vocabulary and test elements
Simulated Test sections
Critical Reading Passages
Math prototypes
Emailed Vocabulary Word of the Day

We can be contacted by phone at 214-691-2868 or email: