The SAT Changes in 2016

The College Board states presently that in spring of 2016 the SAT will change. Some of the changes they mention are:

  •  The essay will be optional and will be based on evaluating how an author used reasoning, evidence, and style in an argument type passage.
  •  Vocabulary words will be less esoteric and more relevant. They site words like “synthesis” and “empirical” as the type of vocabulary they will use.
  •  Reading passages will be from a broad range of disciplines and will include a passage from what they label “founding documents,” such as the Bill of Rights or The Declaration of Independence. Some of the questions will require students to identify lines in the text that support their chosen answer.
  •  Math will focus on linear equations, complex equations, functions, ratios, percentages, and proportions. Calculators will only be permitted on part of the math.
  •  The “guessing penalty” will be eliminated and they will return to the 1600 scoring scale based on a top score of 800 for the math and reading.

We have been through this before in 1994 and 2005. I have not seen that they have not said so yet, but in those years the PSAT reflected the changes first, in October of the previous year. If that is the case here, the PSAT in October 2015 would be the first test to reflect the change. The SATs in 2015 would remain in the current format.

Since we work with our kids individually, we set up a timetable for each student’s test taking and preparation. We will coordinate the preparation and test taking to fit each student to maximize their scores

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