What if we prefer a class schedule?

We are open seven days a week, and they don’t need appointments to take the tests, so they can fit test sessions into their schedules conveniently.   We can assist with prompting the student to set up a monthly schedule that fits his or her needs.

 When should a student start?

The current fee for the program is the same regardless of when the student starts.  That allows us to say the sooner the student starts, the longer we can work with the student.  So many students start before their junior year.  That being said, most students start in the summer before their junior year so we can prepare them for the PSAT.

What kind of results has the program had?

The program works.  We have been doing this since 1992 and have relied on word of mouth advertising, so the scores must be good for people to recommend us.  To see what our clients have to say about us, you can go see client testimonials on this webpage.

Is there work that students can do at home?

We have optimized a Mobile Site at mobilestudyhall.com and studyhall.mobi.  This information is in small “bite sized” segments.  When students have a just a minute or 2 (or more, of course) to work on specific elements of the test they can just use their phone or tablet to access the site which contains:.

  •  All the Vocabulary Words in the Study Hall Vocabulary Word Book
  • Sentence Completion, Critical Reading, English Usage, and Essay Instruction
  • Math Instruction

We can show students how to organize their own playlists for vocabulary words or test elements they need to work on.

 We also have studyhallonline.com which is optimized for laptops or PCs.  They will find:

  • Interactive Prototypical CriticalReadingand Math Test Questions
  • An Online Mystery Novella
  • Detailed Explanations to the SAT Test Questions
  • Virtual Test Simulation

What about vocabulary?

The vocabulary learning model is broken. Students memorize the word list for the test Friday, take the test, and forget the words Saturday.

Using the great amount of research which explains the effectiveness of association, review, and testing for maximizing the efficiency of learning we have developed an efficient method for learning and retaining new information – in this instance vocabulary words.

We want to help students practice taking control of how they create associations for words.   We have grouped the words according to the easiest way to associate the words with external cues which will enable you to be able to remember the associations easily. The associations we have used in this volume are Word in Word associations and Mnemonic associations.

To help motivate students to work on the vocabulary in The Study Hall Vocabulary Book, we will use our email vocabulary program.

  • Each Monday we will email students a list of 20 words with their definitions, mnemonic devices, and sentence examples.  We will include a link to videos for each word the students can access with their mobile devices.
  • On Friday we will email a quiz.
  • On Saturday we will email the answer key for the quiz.

We can show students how to organize their own playlists for vocabulary words they need to work on.

Why us?

  • The cost and convenience surely must be a consideration.
  • The schedule is flexible, yet gives the student a reliable guide to doing the work to learn to beat the test.
  • The test preparation text, vocabulary text, and learning materials have been researched and refined to reflect more than 20 years of experience preparing students.
  • Our engaging Online and Onsite Interactive Programs enable the student to maximize learning; it is not electronic page turning
  • The students get a weekly email containing the Vocabulary Words of the Week, a quiz, and answer key.
  • We have broken down test preparation to eliminate “busy” work, waiting for other students’ questions, and the “fluff” contained in many texts and presentations to lengthen them so they “look” like they warrant purchase.