Schedule for Juniors and Seniors


January and February — Register for the SAT and SAT IIs and the ACT. Begin to make a preliminary list of which colleges you would like to attend. Meet with your school counselor to prepare a more specific list of colleges to explore. Get your social security number.

March — Write to colleges on your list and evaluate the literature sent to you.  Take the SAT March 9.

April — When selecting your senior courses be sure to continue challenging yourself.  Look into summer jobs.   Take the ACT April 13.

May – Take the SAT May 4.  Attend a college fair.  In May or June take the SAT II subject tests if appropriate.  Take Advanced Placement exams if appropriate.

June – Take the SAT June 1 and/or the ACT June 8.  Make wise use of your summer.  This is a good time to begin working on college essays.


September — Sign up for October and November SATs, ACTs, and SAT IIs if  necessary.  Take ACT. Meet with school counselor to be sure that your college list is compatible with your academic and personal records.  Write to the colleges still on your list and request applications.  Plan visits to colleges.

October —   Take the SAT or SAT II.  Take the ACT, Attend annual college fairs investigating and making contact with those colleges to which you’ll probably apply.  Begin putting together information needed for applications.  This is the time to be finishing up your college essays.  If applying for early admission, send application at the end of this month.

November — Take the SAT  and SAT II tests.  Continue filing applications.  If appropriate, obtain your financial aid form.

December & January — Take the SAT.  Take the ACT.  Take any remaining tests that are necessary.  Be sure all your college applications are filed. Be sure your transcripts for your first semester grades are sent to the colleges to which you have applied. Remember to keep working on your grades throughout your senior year!

February, March, April, May — Remember to monitor your applications to be sure that all materials are sent and received on time. Take Advanced Placement exams if appropriate.  Request that your counselor send your final transcript to the college you will attend.