We would like to introduce you to The Study Hall ISEE Test Preparation Program.  Since we work with students until they take the test, our test preparation program offers students the flexibility of scheduling and the long term instruction it takes to maximize their scores.  We work with them until they take the ISEE, adapting and modifying the program individually – as if they are in a class of their own.

I frequently get asked what makes our program better than others.  Among other features, advantages of using The Study Hall program are:

INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION – I have been instructing and refining the program since 1992.

SCHEDULING – We are open 7 days a week and the majority of the time appointments are not needed, so students work according to their schedule.

IMPACT over HOURS – Since I work with students individually, we are focused on what each individual student needs to work on efficiently.

VALUE – $450 covers unlimited access and instruction up to the test date.

CONNECTION not PRESSURE– Improvement here comes from connecting individually, not pressure in a group setting.

INTERACTIVE PROGRAMS – Propriety programs we have developed are available for students here at the office and online for intense, focused work.

Typically, we have an initial appointment during which I explain the test and present the student with a verbal section of the test to take.  After they take the test I go over it and explain the correct answers.  After the initial appointment students come in as often as they can and take segments of the test.  We are open seven days a week, and they don’t need appointments to take the tests, so they can fit test sessions into their schedules conveniently.  Once they take one, we score it, and I go over it with them, explaing how to answer questions successfully.  If a student has specific weaknesses, we address these with a wide array of supplementary materials onsite and online.

We can be contacted by phone at 214-691-2868 or email: