The Study Hall Test Preparation Program

How does the Study Hall Test Preparation program work?

Due to current conditions, our program has temporarily adapted.

Initial Instruction

There are two one hour appointments during which the students get their text and individual instruction informing them about the strategies and skills required for the tests.The initial two sessions are online or by appointment onsite as are supplemental instruction modules. 

After the appointments, the students practice the tests to improve their test taking skills.  As they take the tests we evaluate the results and adapt testing material and supplemental instruction to fit the individual needs of each student.

Working Onsite

Presently, it just isn’t safe to return to the walk in model.  We need to be sure everything is safe, so we will need to work by appointment only.  If you want to pick up tests and explanations that you don’t have yet, let me know via email, phone, or text message so we can set up a specific time for you to get the test at the office. 

If you feel you need to take tests at the Study Hall, we can make it available safely. We need one hour’s notice so I can be sure the facility is sanitized and safe.Onsite we have 6 individual offices which can be completely private and 3 separate carel desk combinations which we will be able to follow CDC guidelines and sanitize after each use. 

 We are also going to ask you to keep your binders at home rather than up here.  As far as individual counseling or instruction, we can easily maintain a safe distance and use sanitized equipment and facilities at the office.  Obviously we can continue to communicate via email, text message, phone, or Zoom. Again, just let me know when you want to meet for an appointment.

 To supplement the interactive instruction currently available at the websites we have for you.

Taking the Tests Remotely:

Since we are dealing with an uncertain situation, we are offering an opportunity for students to do some of their work remotely. Students can take test sections, get the correct answers, score the tests, and get explanations and instruction for questions they have trouble answering correctly. 

Come into the Study Hall and get tests from Henry. These tests will have been prepared and kept in a disinfected environment.  The area where the students pick up the test will have been disinfected.

Decide whether you are practicing the section or taking it to see how well you are doing.  If you are practicing, take however much of the test you have time to take and practice it wherever you like. If you are trying to take the test section in its entirety, set aside the appropriate time and find a suitable test location (library, quiet corner at home, a classroom, etc.)

Correcting and Scoring the tests:

Each test will be accompanied by the appropriate answer key with detailed explanations.  You can also go to our website and select the “Test Keys and Score” section and find the appropriate pages, especially for scoring..

Contact Henry for further explanation and instruction:via email, phone, or text.

The best way to get instruction is by email.  You can text me or email me with the test number and which questions you didn’t understand after seeing the correct answer.  The best way for me to respond would be via email so that you can print it out if you like, and I can include math descriptions.

Please call 214-691-2868, so we can explain the program adaptatons further and answer your questions.


When we can return to our regular program:

The Study Hall Program

Parents and students often ask for the advantages of using The Study Hall program.  Those are:

 VALUE – $600 covers unlimited instruction for SAT and ACT until graduation

INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION – One student one teacher

SCHEDULING – available 7 days a week, so students work according to their schedule.

IMPACT over HOURS – we work on what the individual student needs, not a class

INTERACTIVE PROGRAMS – Propriety programs are available on all devices 24/7.


The essential parts of the program are:

 Two one hour appointments during which the students get their text and individual instruction informing them about the strategies and skills required for the tests.

After the appointments, the students take sections of the tests.  Upon completion of a test section we review the tests and show them how to answer questions correctly.  

After each full test, especially after the first full test, we analyze each student’s performance and determine specific content gaps.

After we determine the content needs, whether it is with individual instruction, interactive instruction and practice, or supplemental materials we improve the content gaps if present.

The students return to the test, analyze, and improve cycle for all the ACTs and SATs they take until they graduate.


Please call me at 214-691-2868 or email so I can answer your questions

Since the SAT and PSAT have changed, the content tested almost exactly mirrors the content on the ACT.  That allows us to rely more on improving reading, writing, and math content knowledge.  

The students here get exclusive access to our websites.  The students will find instructive videos, interactive math questions and reading passages and much more.  We give them access to the mobile optimized webpages because kids these days expect information to be available 24/7.  The main learning takes place onsite but the online program is proving to be a very valuable tool since they can access it 24/7.

We make certain our students have mastered the following or we teach them mastery.


Reading Critically

Power Skimming

Interpreting words and phrases in context

Analyzing word choice

Anallyzing text structure

Analyzing point of view

Analyzing purpose

Analyzing arguments

Citing textual evidence

Determining central ideas and themes


Understanding relationships

Interpreting graphics

Main topic

Analysis of syntax

Combining sentences

Revising and editing in context

Writing Skills

Revising and editing grammar n context

Subject – verb agreement

Error in use of idioms

Non idiomatic preposition coming after a verb  

Wrong word  

Wrong verb tense  

Number agreement  

Pronoun in the wrong number

Pronoun in the wrong case

Pronoun shift

Pronoun with an ambiguous reference  

Faulty comparisons

Misuse of adjective or adverb

Double negative  

Run on sentence  

Sentence fragment

Misplaced modifier  

Faulty parallelism

Faulty coordination or subordination   

Prefer the active voice




Comma splices





Quotation marks


Types of sentences




Essay Writing

Analyzing arguments

Analyzing multiple perspectives on an issue

Organizing and writing essays

Data Representation (Science on ACT)

Analyzing and interpreting data presented in charts and graphs

Interpreting resaearch summaries

Analyzing conflicting viewpoints

Identifying pertinent labels, units, and variations


Multistep complex problems



Word problems


Absolute values



Simultaneous equations

Scientific notation




Pythagorean Theorem

Special triangles

Congruent and similar triangles


Proportions & Ratio

Work problems

People moving problems

Exterior angle of triangle

Sum of 2 sides of a triangle


Order of operations


X & Y intercepts


Split numerator

Overlapping groups

Shaded regions

Fraction within fraction




Sine, cosine, tangent


Permutation and combination


Circle graph equation



Distance rate formula

Domain and range

Imaginary mumbers

Complex numbers

Triginometric identities


Data analysis


Equation of parabola

Quadratic formula

Completing the square

Dividing polynomials

Relation between algebraic and graphical representation

Domain and range

Maximum and minimum values

End behavior




Functional rotation

Please call me at 214-691-2868 or email so I can answer your questions



Vocabulary Text

Parents FAQ Book

Previously Administered SAT, SAT II, ACT, PSAT tests

Detailed Explanations for those tests

Supplemental prototypical questions and exercises

Essay instruction

Interactive Online Programs and Videos for all devices

Interactive Programs and Videos for all devices

SAT and ACT Presentations showing how to take the test

Vocabulary videos of each of the words in the text

Innovative spaced retrieval program

Simulated Test sections

Critical Reading passages

Math prototypes

Vocabulary novella

Emailed Vocabulary Program